In Our Waiting

The saying "careful what you wish for" rings a whole new meaning when it rings true for you.  God had my dad in a waiting period for years.  He was tolerant, patient and he didn't question why.  Some think times of waiting only pertain to situations such as finding a spouse, but I believe that [...]


Kindness is a Virtue

Everyone has heard the saying, patience is a virtue, but isn't kindness also?  If you can learn to be kind then you can learn to be patient and vice versa.  To me kindness doesn't always come naturally, I have to pray for it when dealing with certain people and in many situations.  My instant reaction [...]

Thankful For You

Being thankful all the time isn't easy, I'll be the first to tell you I'm not.  Above is a picture of me standing next to a couple of the forms we used for the job and the truck I operate at work.  On a few different occasions throughout this certain job I wondered why I [...]

Operator Error

In the past few weeks I've been told by a few people that I'm fun to have on the job and fun to work with.  Which is great, but what people see at work is a chipper smile and a helping hand.  What they don't see is what hides behind that smile, my insecurities, my [...]