As everyone knows I travel with work, I work, eat, room, hang out with and talk to the same 4 people each and everyday of the week. After a year of that they have all kind of become like uncles or big brothers to me. Our friendships go beyond just working together, we fish together [...]


Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

We all have our favorite seasons.  Fall and Spring happen to be mine 🙂 We also have our seasons we could live without, now, in Missouri some days seem to cover multiple seasons all in one. You could start off with your windows down and radio up and end in a parka with your heater [...]

In Our Waiting

The saying "careful what you wish for" rings a whole new meaning when it rings true for you.  God had my dad in a waiting period for years.  He was tolerant, patient and he didn't question why.  Some think times of waiting only pertain to situations such as finding a spouse, but I believe that [...]

Kindness is a Virtue

Everyone has heard the saying, patience is a virtue, but isn't kindness also?  If you can learn to be kind then you can learn to be patient and vice versa.  To me kindness doesn't always come naturally, I have to pray for it when dealing with certain people and in many situations.  My instant reaction [...]