Mental Pictures

This morning I rolled out of bed with the sun, threw on some jeans, boots and headed for the door.  I gravitated towards my horse, then headed for an old trail I have always admired.  Like normal I had my camera with me, but everything I saw either ran or flew away too fast for my to snap a pic.  I told God all I wanted was a picture, He took things to a different level.  There had been a coyote near by off and on all morning, but I never could get his picture, then there was a nest of birds that the mother warned me away from, then squirrels and so on.  Once again, I told God that all I wanted was a picture.  Heading down the trail some more I snapped a picture of the suns rays leaking through any crevice of the trees.  Then again, there was that coyote, I finally got a pic, a blurry one, but a pic.  I looked at it and was annoyed by the outcome, then I reminded myself, all I had asked for was a picture, and that is what I got.  I veered off onto another path taking me to a large pond that broke off to a stream, I did something I love to do and let the water take me where it wants to go.  I followed the creek and to my astonishment it dropped off in a shallow pool only fit for frogs and small water snakes, then led down to a trickling waterfall over a massive bed of rocks.  The child in me won and I headed up and down all of those rocks.  Instantly regretting my footwear of leather boots it only took me a couple slips and shaky rocks to sit down next to the small fall and enjoy the view.  I sat there running my hand under the water and listening to the birds chirp while the squirrels scampered.  Finally my legs and feet were wet and cold enough I decided to head home, on my way home I got to thinking.  Beauty cannot be contained in a picture, the only way to really see it, is to go see it.  This morning I didn’t get any pictures worth keeping, but I had prayed to God about wanting a picture, I had apologized for being selfish for always asking Him for things and me only having myself to offer.  I walked through those woods.  Then the calm came, the breeze blew through and I let the water take me where it wanted to go.  God gave me a picture that I can’t show people because they weren’t there, He gave me a memory to hang onto forever.

Lamentations 3:22-23 “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion’s never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “


4 thoughts on “Mental Pictures

  1. You will remember that time with nature. As life goes on there seems to be fewer and fewer times we are still. That is when God speaks because you are listening!


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