More than music

Last night I went to a Brantley Gilbert concert with my biggest fan club, my parents.  We were some of the only ones there that weren’t drunk and would actually remember what we did when we woke up the next morning.  We laughed so hard we couldn’t take good pictures, we didn’t drink, and we jammed out to some of the best singers I’ve heard in a long time.  Now, if you know me at all you know I am ALWAYS up for a good concert, when the bands break out into heavy metal and the speakers you’re next to make you temporarily deaf (which my dad doesn’t need help with) it is always a good time.  The music was amazing, but I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the entire 4 hour concert was when one of the opening acts, Tucker Beathard was on stage.  He said something that I think more people need to realize, and I’m glad someone finally said it.

“If you don’t get anything out of me being up here on this stage tonight the only thing I want you to remember is this.  Don’t ever feel like you have to fit in.  People called me crazy when I threw away my baseball scholarship, they called me crazy when I didn’t go to college because I wanted to chase a dream.  But look where I am now, I’m on the dang Devil Don’t Sleep tour with Brantley Gilbert!”

While he was saying this I had the biggest smile on my face.  Finally!! Someone on this earth who doesn’t think that you have to go to college.  I’m 17, I’m about to graduate high school and I am not going to college.

There are some pretty famous people that haven’t gone to college……

Tucker Beathard – Now a famous singer.  Never went to college.

Rush Limbaugh – Ranked the 11th highest earning celebrity in the world.  Has one of the most popular and successful radio shows ever.  Dropped out of college after a few semesters.

Bill Gates -Dropped out of college two years into Harvard.

Steve Jobs – Dropped out of Reed college.

F. Scott Fitzgerald- Left Princeton due to poor grades.

Walt Disney – Never even finished highschool.  He dropped out at 16 and left for Europe after joining the Red Cross.

And Jesus- Jesus never went to college, I’m not even sure if he went to school, but He’s doing alright.

I’m not saying that college is a bad thing, college is great for those who want to enter a career where it is needed.  What I am saying is that college is not for everyone, and when you ask someone “Where are you going to college?” and they say they aren’t going to college, there is no need to try and talk them into a college, or to offer help with a resume.  You don’t have to like someone’s choice not to go to college, you just have to respect it.

OH! And if you like good music you should check out Brian Davis, Luke Combs, Tucker Beathard, and of course Brantley Gilbert.



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